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My Rabbit Speech

Here is a speech about  Rabbits.



What’s soft, cute and has a short tail?  If you guessed rabbits, your correct! There are many types of rabbits. Over 50! Here are some: Lops, Lionheads, Dutch, Chinchilla, Swiss Fox, Silver Fox, Californian, Lilac, Dwarf, Silver and Tan.

Generally rabbits are healthy and rarely get sick. Be sure to look for healthy rabbit when you purchase one. Some signs to avoid are coughing and sneezing, rough fur with patches, and discharge in the eyes. Occasionally rabbits can develop ear mites, dental problems, fractured backs, lice and many other problems. Most rabbits should weigh between 4-6 lbs. You don’t want an overweight bunny or one that becomes too skinny.

Rabbit’s eat mostly rabbit pellets, about to a cup a day depending on how old it is. For rabbits under eight months you should feed them unlimited pellets. Fresh greens, veggies, fruit, grains and hay can also be given. But you should never feed any rabbit under eight months of age greens or vegetables or else it could die.

A rabbit’s cage should contain a water bottle that is always full of fresh water, a food dish with food, shavings for the bedding, a litter box and a hide box for them hide in. They require a large enough crate for them to hop around freely in as well as a place in the house where they can roam around and explore. Just watch out for wires and furniture since they love to chew.

Before letting your rabbit out, pick up all little pits of paper and other small bits they can get into. You also might want to put all plants in the house out of reach, so your rabbit doesn’t get into them. Most plants are ok for them to eat, like dandelions. Rabbits love dandelions. Other things can be poisonous for your rabbit such as leaves, flowers and berries from some trees and plants.

When your going to pick up your rabbit, never and I mean never pick up a rabbit up by the ears or take it by the neck or back. It will hurt it and it might not want to come up to you ever again.

Most rabbits can get bored so it’s best to give them some toys to play with. Some toys could be as simple as a small cardboard box for them to crawl in and chew. You can also give them cat toys, baby toys and even get something like a cat tower to put outside the cage so they can crawl and climb through.

          I was wondering. Do you know the difference between a house rabbit and a wild rabbit? Well there’s a big difference. Wild rabbits are more scared of humans and will run away. A house rabbit is more used to humans. Most love attention and like to be picked up.

          If you have other pets in your house, you want to keep your rabbit away from them for a while until they get used to each other. 

Here are some interesting facts about rabbits: 

        If your rabbit starts nudging you, it means hello.

        Licking you is a sign of affection or thank-you.

        If it pushes your hand away it is telling you he’s had enough petting or attention.

        Lying on his side or back means he is tired and ready for a nap.

        If he begins to shake his ears he is beginning to get annoyed!

        Nipping may obvious. It also can means that your rabbits annoyed or is probably interested on something on your hand.

I have a rabbit. It’s a Holland lop eared named Ginger and is about 4 months now. She loves to eat grass and crawl in the backyard. Did you know that rabbits make noises? Well they do. My rabbit always makes noise when she wants more hay. Whenever she wants to get out of her crate she chews on the bars of the cage and her favorite hiding place it under my bed, Ever time I look down there I see her lying down and having a good time.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my speech on rabbits. If you ever decide to get a rabbit, make sure it gets what it needs; exercise, food and lots of love and attention. Thanks-you.